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Linda is a creative, energetic Somatic Therapist and Embodiment Teacher that inspires people to live beyond their perceived limitations.

She has spent over 20 years exploring the physical, mental and emotional blocks that keep us contracted and unable to fully experience joy and pleasure.

Her travel and multi-cultural experiences have greatly shaped her outlook on life and greatly impact how she interacts with her clients.

Linda works with people from all walks of life specifically In the areas of embodiment, intimacy, sexuality, relationships, grief and religious trauma. She has a private practise in SW London and has worked with thousands of clients one-to-one, as well as in larger groups.

Linda believes that how we relate to our bodies directly impacts how we experience the world.

She is committed to people fully inhabiting their bodies so they can be grounded, focused and empowered to face whatever experiences life brings.

In addition to training in Landmark Education, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Gyrotonic ® Gyrokinesis ® Body Rolling and Pilates; she has a qualification in Somatic Psychotherapy.

Linda’s current projects include assisting and supporting the development of The Art of Intimacy
As well as offering her embodiment expertise in the upcoming 100 Day Promise Programme

She is also excited to be starting the TRE (Total Release Experience) programme  https://treuk.com/tre-uk-training/