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Nourish Your Mind

Coaching & Mentoring

Intuitive, dynamic and heart centered, Linda’s sessions are based on identifying and shifting old patterns and beliefs that are in the way of achieving your desired results. Coaching may involve some therapeutic work, if there is a need.

With a loving, authentic voice and some humour Linda taps the power of Somatic Psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, Tantra and spiritual teachers from around the world, including: Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson and Gurmukh.

Linda has the unique ability to help you regain your sense of power, compassionately identify blocks and courageously break through fears that keep you from moving forward.

The cornerstone of Linda’s signature practice is:

non-judgment, self-acceptance, compassion
self-responsibility, truth and 
owning the shadow-self
reclaiming the body-trusting our intuition
inviting the sacred into everyday life

Private practice & coaching includes:

emotional, mental and physical re-patterning
effective communication
lifestyle recommendations
exercise/meditation/mantra work
boundary and chakra work
managing anger and conflict
integrated body psychotherapy

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