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Helping You Feel Free to Move, Live and Love Better


It’s my passion and pleasure to help you feel more vibrant, empowered and free in how you move through the world, live your life and love the people around you.

Learn to reconnect to the wisdom of your body to powerfully guide you from struggle and confusion to a place of grounded clarity and truth.

Please have a look around, and let’s connect for a free 30 minute consultation.

“Linda has been transformational for me in shining light into areas of my life and self where I felt stuck, but didn’t know why… Together we have changed the direction of my life with compassion, acceptance and breaking down old patterns that had held me where I was. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Helen – May 2018

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1-1 Sessions

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and “heady”, disconnected from your body?
  • Do you yearn to feel that deep, stable and grounded connection with yourself and others again, or perhaps for the very first time?
  • Do you find yourself preoccupied with what everyone else is doing and saying and how you want to change them, rather than noticing your own internal responses and coping mechanisms?
  • Do you often experience stress and tension in your body from “holding it all together” and carrying the weight of the world?
  • Have you grown sick and tired of your own BS?!

It’s common to try and talk oneself into a better state of mind in this scenario, whilst forgetting the critical role that the body plays in the equation.

Why does this matter? Well, our bodies and our nervous systems carry our habitual patterns, behaviours, emotional history as well as trauma responses. This is why changing our mindset is only half the journey. Unless we go inward and bring our bodies on board we will remain stuck in old patterns and moving forward will feel like an uphill battle.

If you are ready to listen to your body, trust yourself, and reclaim your power passion and pleasure, read more about 1-1 coaching or book a free consultation.

My clients are people who tend to have done at least some personal development or therapeutic work already, and they tell me that they’re tired of talking (!) and they sense that there is a need to work with the body too.

For Groups

Would you like to be better at relating to yourself, to others and to the world around you?
Relational skills are critical to our success and our enjoyment in life and most of our tensions with others come from holding onto pain and unexpressed emotion from negative past experiences. You might be noticing that “keeping it all together” feels exhausting for you and you just know that more is possible for you – more love, more connection and more freedom.

More coffee or another workout is not the solution here!

In a nourishing and healthy group environment, an incredible amount of healing can take place. Groups are microcosms of the world— little mini communities. Whatever patterns and issues we struggle with “out in the world” will usually present themselves within a transformational group too. In this safe space, we welcome aspects of ourselves and each other that have been shamed and that tend to be hidden and embedded in our subconscious.

We use meditation, breathwork and movement to free the emotional history your body carries so you can experience more energy and a deeper connection to yourself and others. From this embodied place we learn to communicate our needs, set boundaries and deal with conflict so we can feel empowered in all of our relationships.

If you are ready to experience presence, power and pleasure in your relationships, discover more about group coaching or book a free consultation.

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The foundational principles of Linda’s work are:

Non-judgment, self-acceptance, compassion

Self-responsibility, truth and owning the shadow

Reclaiming the body ~ Trusting our intuition

Inviting pleasure into everyday life

“Linda has the ability to create movement and feelings in my body that I have not encountered before. She brings with her a depth of knowledge around wellbeing in mind, body and soul. Her empathy, care and understanding make for a safe and nourishing environment. And we also always have fun. Her ability to tailor the class to my needs using her knowledge, makes her stand out from the rest.”

Emma – April 2020

Linda Zurak Coach and Therapist

About Linda

As a highly qualified and experienced Movement Educator, Embodiment Teacher and Somatic Therapist, Linda inspires people to live beyond their perceived limitations.

She guides people on a deep journey of freeing emotion held in the body so they can move, live and love with ease. Her passion is supporting people to be grounded in their bodies so they can reconnect to their intuition and feel confident, connected and empowered in all their relationships.

In addition, Linda has spent over 20 years mentoring and training Pilates teachers in the UK, Europe and North America. She is continually exploring the mental, physical and emotional blocks that keep us from fully experiencing joy, pleasure and the ability to move in our bodies with grace and ease.

Find out more about Linda, her experience, qualifications and inspirations…