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To change your outer world, go inward.
– Andy Fox

1-1 Sessions

One to one sessions provide an intimacy and safety that, for some people, is not possible in a group setting.

Ideally we meet weekly or fortnightly in person or virtually depending on your circumstances.

My focus in these sessions is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and safety. We journey together to uncover how the holding in your body relates to the places you feel stuck in life.

In her sessions Linda utilises a very special combination of Somatic therapy, gentle movements and breath-work.

This combination of modalities sheds lights on where you feel physically disconnected from your body. This in turn helps us uncover the parts of yourself that have been rejected and disowned emotionally and mentally.

By accepting and integrating these parts of yourself your interaction with others then starts to change too.

The reason that this approach is so powerful is that we incorporate work on the mental, physical and emotional levels. Most modalities will only address one of these but because we are addressing all three you gain a level of freedom that is not usually accessible.

By learning how to communicate your needs and set boundaries, in a loving and respectful way, you can more effectively deal with stress, conflict and anxiety. People often experience a freedom and permission to be fully themselves.

On the journey you will discover how to:


Slow Down

When the external world and life circumstances feel chaotic and overwhelming rather than trying to change what’s out there it’s time to take shelter and turn inward.

Bringing our attention inward can bring us to the discomfort of noticing areas of our life that are problematic or unfulfilling.

This journey inward isn’t always easy or pleasant. Dealing with these feelings on your own can feel overwhelming and impossible.

Allowing the familiar, old structures to fall away requires the ability to face our fears, grieve what has been lost and find the courage to step into the unknown.

With me as your guide, experience how using breathwork, movement and embodiment practises can allow emotions to surface at a pace that is manageable for you.

We will work together so you can release the past and liberate your energy to fully engage with life.

I am here to guide you on a journey back to the fullness and truth of who you really are.

Live Your Truth

Stress, tension, technology and trauma are what disconnect us from our bodies and hearts and keep us stuck in our heads.

We cope by holding our breath, tensing our belly and hardening our muscles to create a type of “armoring” against life.

Using embodiment practices, movement and breathwork; reconnect to your “gut instinct” and the inherent wisdom and truth in your body waiting to be heard and lived.

Imagine your body as a finely tuned “internal compass” that is a direct link to accessing your needs, wants and desires as well as creating boundaries.

Trust Yourself

Fully inhabiting your body is a path way back to reclaiming yourself and literally coming back to your senses.

Learn how to downregulate your nervous system to come back to yourself in times of conflict and stress.

Use your body as a divine “internal compass” to navigate through life from your deepest truth and longing.

No matter what is happening in the external world, your body is always here for you.

Learn practises for grounding into this solid foundation as a powerful way of orienting around struggle and crisis.

Reclaim your power, and expand your capacity for joy, pleasure and connection.

“I have tried various other forms of therapy, including CBT, Transactional Analysis and psychotherapy, but I do find that Linda is working on a much deeper level because she incorporates the body and not just the mind. My relationships with my family, husband and friends have all deepened as I have felt able to be more authentic with others.”

Suzanne – April 2015

Woman and mirror image

The Art of Meeting Yourself

If you are tired of trying to fix and change yourself this is the place for you to land.

Let go of the pressure to be and look a certain way and take a step towards Meeting Yourself

Exactly as you are and exactly as you are not…

Instead of working so hard to change the outer world, take courage and learn to tend compassionately to the places in you that have been disowned and rejected.

Integrating and healing the exiled parts of yourself will bring you more fully into life and more fully into freedom.

Imagine having permission to fully inhabit your joyful, vibrant, sensual aliveness.

Inhabit your inner world more fully so you can meet the outer world with a clear mind, grounded body and a fierce yet tender heart.

It’s time to reclaim your power, passion and pleasure!

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