Hands joined in a pattern to form a star

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
– African proverb

Group Offerings

(Groups are offered both in person and virtually.)

“My body and soul was deeply impacted and moved by my first experience in Linda’s Women’s Circle group. Linda has held me so beautifully in the start of my new journey, in my grief, in my rage and in witnessing my joy in finding ways to release these emotions that have been held for so long in my body. I would hugely recommend Linda and her work, to anyone looking for more authentic connection to self and with others.”

Hilary – March 2020

Shake off stress exercise class

For Couples – Move, Live and Love Better

Before we can get you having your most sacred relationship we need to free up the barriers that are stuck in your body that prevent you from experiencing deeper intimacy. This is why when I work with couples we usually start with the body first.

What this looks like is gentle Somatic movements and breath work you do together as a couple.

This powerful and scientifically proven combination means that then when it comes to talking about the emotional aspects of your relationship, you are coming from a calmer, more regulated nervous system state which makes the rest of the work we do easier.

“Linda’s classes opened a window to a whole new universe, a new way of life where ‘me’ and ‘my body’ are both the same thing, where we respect and feed each other. She’s immensely knowledgeable, inventive, creative, always learning, always improving, always listening to the body that’s in front of her with the greatest delicacy and detail. I don’t think I could ever recommend any professional as highly as I would recommend Linda. Her work will transform you and every cell of your body and you will never feel the same after it.”

Alba – July 2020